Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Creative Writing news

Among the exciting news we have in the Creative Writing Associate of Arts Degree Program, is the addition, this January, of English 296: Writing for the Stage. This course, team taught by a playwright (Hiro Kanagawa) and two directors (Dawn Moore and Desmond Price), will see the students draft a short play – which will be, at the end of the semester, performed in a public festival!

In related news, we’re pleased to welcome our new Creative Writing instructor, Hiro Kanagawa (a well known playwright, screenwriter, and actor)!

As an actor, Hiro is perhaps best known as Principal Kwan from Smallville or Cyrus Xander on Caprica (he’s also currently the voice of Mister Fantastic on Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes). Hiro’s latest play, The Patron Saint of Stanley Park, premiered in 2010 at the Arts Club Theatre, Vancouver and was a Christmas hit. In film and television, Hiro was a story editor on the acclaimed CBC dramas Da Vinci's Inquest, Da Vinci's City Hall, and Intelligence and works for the gritty rez drama Blackstone, airing on Showcase and APTN.