Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Writing is a Social Act!

Capilano University's New Creative Writing Program Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2008.

While creative writing classes are open to all University Transfer students, Capilano is now offering a unique Associate Arts Degree in Creative Writing. The program is designed for students interested in studying both contemporary literature and creative writing, with the aim of acquiring first and second year English and creative writing transfer credits.

View the Associate of Arts Degree - Creative Writing Program.

Beyond the classroom

Classroom instruction can be helpful for a writer, but we believe good writing is also the result of contact with a lively writing community. With this in mind, we are pleased to host the Open Text Reading Series, support a student publication (The Liar), as well as scholarships, awards, and internships with The Capilano Review.


Course desciptions for all creative writing courses are available in the online calendar.


Currently there are no special entry requirements to the CRWR Program. However, all program students must take English 100 Academic Writing Skills (for Creative Writing), a course on research methods and critical thinking designed specifically for creative writers who are also writing in academic situations. In Fall 2008, this course will be offered as English 100, Section 14 or 15. Students must also take any section of English 190.


For more information about the program, contact the Creative Writing Convener, Reg Johanson