Friday, January 12, 2007


We're pleased to announce that Marie Annharte Baker, Marie Clements, Peter Culley, Maxine Gadd, Dorothy Trujillo Lusk, and Anne Stone will be visiting the campus this Spring -- dates and locations TBA.

About these important West Coast writers:

Marie Baker is the author of several books, including Being on the Moon (Polestar, 1990), Coyote Columbus Cafe (Moonprint, 1994), Blueberry Canoe (New Star, 2001), and Exercises in Lip Pointing (New Star, 2003). She also directed a spot in 'five feminist minutes' (National Film Board), in which she examined racial and sexual abuse of Aboriginal women. Baker is the co-founder of the Regina Aboriginal Writers Group.

Marie Clements’ play about Aboriginal miners, Burning Vision (Talon, 2003), received the Canada-Japan Literary Award and was nominated for six Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards. She is also the author of The Girl Who Swam Forever (Miami University Press, 2000), The Suitcase Chronicles (Journey Publication, 2002), and The Unnatural and Accidental Women (Talon, 2005). Clements is the founder of urban ink productions, a Vancouver-based Aboriginal and multi-cultural production company that creates and produces Aboriginal works of theatre, music, film and video.

Peter Culley, poet and art critic, has published Twenty-one (Oolican 1980), Fruit Dots (Tsunami 1985), Natural History (Fissure 1986) The Climax Forest (Leech, 1995) and Hammertown (New Star, 2003). The untitled second installment of Hammertown is due from New Star in the fall of '08. His writing on artists such as Stan Douglas, Roy Arden, Kelly Wood and Geoffrey Farmer has appeared in numerous catalogues and journals. Culley resides in South Wellington, near Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, BC.

Maxine Gadd is the author of numerous books of poetry, among them Lost Language (Coach House, 1982), Fire in the Cove (m(O)ther Tongue, 2001), and most recently, Backup to Babylon (New Star, 2006).

Dorothy Trujillo Lusk is the author of Oral Tragedy (Tsunami, 1988), Redactive (Talon, 1993), Ogress Oblige (Krupskaya, 2001), Sleek Vinyl Drill (Thuja, 2000) and the forthcoming collection Decorum. Lusk is a longtime member of the Kootenay School of Writing collective.

Anne Stone is an editor of Matrix Magazine. Together with Amber Dean, she's guest editing an upcoming special issue of West Coast Line on representations of murdered and missing women. Her novels include, jacks (DC Books 1998), Hush (Insomniac Press 1999) and Delible (forthcoming: Insomniac, 2007), which tells the story of Melora Sprague, a 15-year-old girl whose sister has gone missing. Anne Stone has taught creative writing/literature at Capilano College in North Vancouver and at Concordia University in Montreal.

- Roger