Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Writing Workshop with Daniel Will-Harris

Lunch Hour Writing Workshop
with visiting writer Daniel Will-Harris

Thursday, October 6

FIR 503

Come experiment with character and story!
By incorporating techniques well-known to performers, Daniel Will-Harris pares back the writing experience to make it engaging, embodied and fun to do. Instead of focusing on the abstract, structural elements of writing, Daniel asks participants to go straight to the heart of story—the character. In this method, characters can be anything: people, objects or places. The stories that emerge from this work are fluid, expressive and meaningful without being hedged in by formal rules. Writers who have used this technique develop their pieces into stories, scripts for theatre, screenplays, teleplays and web series.

Daniel Will-Harris is a best-selling author, performer, and designer. Performance highlights include roles in three feature films and improvisation with BATS improv group in San Francisco. He has written for stage and screen, short fiction, autobiographical humour, technical papers and editorials. He is also a designer of watches which have been displayed and sold at the MOMA and Guggenheim art museums.

Event sponsored by the English Department at Capilano University.
Image credit: MoMA Store. Watch design: Daniel Will-Harris.

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